Writing Services



Our experienced editors will support and provide you with high-quality, professional academic copy-editing services that guarantee you powerful, transformative and enthralling prose that boost your confidence and style.


Our line editing service helps you scrutinize the flow and clarity of your prose. We’ll look at the construction of your sentences, how they come together to form paragraphs, and how the paragraphs transition.

Teaching Writing

Our one-on-one online writing classes are designed to inspire and make you fall in love with writing. Choose from online or onsite writing classes that connect you with yourself and your writing. Discover the real you–today.


Following industry standards, a manuscript page is considered 250 words. For our fees, you may either opt for our project or hourly rates. See the guidelines set by the Editorial Freelance Association on ideas about how we estimate number of pages edited per hour. For new clients, we request from a partial to half or even full payments upfront; final payment is demanded prior to our sending you the final document.


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